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Playwriting: Projects
Playwriting: Projects
Playwriting: Projects

Camilla Jones



Dark Comedy (90 min)

Amish childhood best friends Sadie Smucker and Willa Stoltzfus share a run-down trailer, crystal meth addiction, and queer romantic tension thick as a milkshake. The teens have spent their Rumspringa together higher than Heaven, but today face their rite-of-passage choice: surrender this forbidden love, or flee Lancaster County and be shunned forever. With 24 hours until the autumn baptism ceremony, six twisted interrelated sinners must…come clean. This ensemble-oriented dark comedy sheds electricity-powered light on the rural drug epidemic and navigation of repressed identity. BYOBonnet.


• Closed Reading, 2nd Stage Tony Kiser Theater, July 2023 

• Fringe Festival Production, The Wild Project NYC, May 2022

• MFA Student Production, Columbia University, NYC, April 2022

• Workshop & Staged Reading, Chain Theatre NYC, Jan-March 2022

• Reading, Yonder Window Theatre, NYC, Aug 2021

• Reading, Columbia Theatre Summer Series, July 2021



• Finalist, New Works Lab, James Madison University, April 2023

• Semifinalist, American Blues Theatre Blue Ink Playwriting Award, Jan 2023

• Finalist, Lanford Wilson New American Play Award, March 2023

• Finalist, Emerson Stages Workshop, Oct 2022

• 2nd Round Finalist, Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition, Sept 2022

• Finalist, Fulton Theatre Stories of Diversity Play Festival, July 2022

• Semifinalist, Lanford Wilson New American Play Award, April 2022

• Finalist, Bay Street Theatre New Works Festival, March 2022

• Semifinalist, American Blues Theatre Blue Ink Playwriting Award, March 2022

• 2nd Round Finalist, Austin Film Festival Playwriting Award, Oct 2021

• Winner, Yonder Window Theatre Company Ascending Playwright Award, Aug 2021


Experimental Biopic (100 min)

Ageless androgynous artist Diane Arbus is on a quest to find and capture the universal human experience. Across a vignette series homaging her/their obsessive “box of 10 photographs” and blurred with childlike nostalgia, the voyeur known for exhibiting Coney Island “freaks'' falls from Upper West Side privilege through 1930s-60s bohemia, before developing into a sensational spectacle her/themself. Identity, inclusion, and meaning are pursued until, when sensing light imbalance, the B&W fairy leaps. From there, can viewers participate beyond our frames? Prose arranged from real quotes, burlesque cabaret, audience interaction, and confining walls (the fourth, and set) expose Arbus’s “terribly terrific” fantasies, seasons, and early end.


• Staged Presentation, Diane Arbus 50th Anniversary Commemoration, Westbeth Artists Gallery, NYC, Oct 2021

• Reading/Community Event/Talkback, Eastend Arts Council, Wallace Stegner House Residency, Canada, Feb 2020


• Finalist, Emerson Stage New Play Workshop, Oct 2021 

• Independent Study with David Henry Hwang, Spring 2021

• Finalist, Athena Project Play Series, Aug 2020


Farcical Rom Com (100 min)

During a summer abroad at Delhi University, two obliviously privileged, queer NYC college students discover, a popular Indian matchmaking app like Tinder, but run by singles’ parents. To “help” their Indian-American bestie find true love—and pay off their student loans with the dowry money—Sienna and Jensen pose as his parents to arrange a traditional marriage, taking the concept of "chosen family" a step too far. But when eligible bachelorette Ridhi falls instead for Sienna, as her own mother Pia reckons with her stance on same-sex marriage, all five ensemble characters become entangled in the Red Thread of Fate. A sendup of both Hollywood and Bollywood rom-com tropes, White Bitches in Delhi explores the savior complex, internalized stereotypes, commodified diversity and identity, and when it's time to BeReal. 


• MFA Thesis Production, Columbia University, April 2023

• Workshop, Yonder Window Theatre Company, Oct 2022 

• MFA Student Production, Columbia New Works Festival, Sept 2021


• Semifinalist, Pipeline Theatre Company PlayLab, Feb 2024

• Semifinalist, Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, Jan 2024

• 2nd Round Finalist, Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition, Sept 2023

• Finalist, Dramatist Guild Foundation Fellowship, Sept 2022


Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

Comedy (90 min)

In the bitchin’ year 1992 at a Chuck E. Cheese nestled in a New Jersey strip mall, two bickering parents set the table for their son’s 10th birthday party. Unfortunately, both the establishment and marriage are deteriorating into gritty nostalgia. Mom’s a pantsuit flaunting career woman; Dad’s fooling around in garages for something called Yahoo. Their fun and games are complicated by a closeted, gabagool-loving Manager, who's struggling to rebrand the original mascot, chainsmoking Rick Rat, into family-friendly “Charles Entertainment Cheese.” In this first scene of a first draft, we observe a headless rat-man, animatronic dance number, and peek into the couple's past, during a bygone time when kids could be kids.


• MFA Student Production, Columbia University Collab Festival, Dec 2021


~Dramedy~  (90 min)

After a melodramatic college breakup, writer Carrie leaves NYC for London to navigate the Kubler-Ross Model (DABDA), from Denial to Acceptance. An ensemble of initial strangers explore maturity, independence, mental health, & commitment both in Real Life and their imaginations – while maintaining pristine social media presence. Optional audience interaction (digital response, characters' social media, Buzzfeed quiz style polls and voting)


• Fringe Festival Production, NY Theater Festival, Hudson Guild Theater NYC, Oct 2019

• University Production, Penn State School of Theatre, Dec 2018

• Workshop & Staged Reading, Wonderlust Theatre Company, May 2018


• Penn State Honors College Grant Funding Recipient, 2018


how'd i get here?  (original title: Sacred Trauma)

Docutheatre/Personal Narrative (90 min)

College freshman Elaine finds herself in the ER after frat formal. From the sexual assault forensics Q&A unfold surreal flashbacks and imaginary characters embodying her existential wonder around identity and purpose. Plots braid together as Elaine battles a lifetime of indecision, supported by rediscovered childhood friends. 


• Staged Reading, State College Community Theatre, Webster’s Bookstore, Nov 2018

• University Production (Director/Producer), Tempest Productions, The State Theatre, March 2018

• University Production (Director), Penn State Schreyer Honors College, Carnegie Cinema Theatre, April 2018


​• Grant Funding by Penn State Schreyer Honors College and Recognition at Big 10 Honors Colleges Conference, May 2018 

Sacred Trauma
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