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Inspired by my play Once on Rumspringa (and personal experience), Taart follows closeted-queer, 16-year-old, Amish anti-hero, Willa Stoltzfus, on her rite-of-passage Rumspringa. Crashing in a communal trailer in rural Lancaster, PA, she discovers sins including the underground meth trade, feelings for her childhood bestie, and gender identity. BYOBonnet!

Accolades: Filmmatic Semifinalist 2024, The Script Lab Quarterfinalist 2024, ScreenCraft Quarterfinalist 2024, Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder 2023, ScreenCraft Semifinalist 2023, Filmmatic Semifinalist 2023

When college grad Sofie learns of her Jewish heritage, previously concealed by her mother behind a WASPy facade, she travels to Prague to track down her morally ambiguous maternal line. Living and working in an International Youth Hostel, where beer is served for breakfast and privacy doesn’t exist, she navigates messy relationships, picturesque adventures, and timeless Czech bohemia. Na zdraví [cheers]!


A young lesbian ex-painter attempts to "get over"her case of campus sexual assault, by dropping out and becoming an escort for lonely men in NYC. Her sole rule? NO physical touch---dates only. But that’s before one special client clashes with her ex-girlfriend, threatening to expose her double life and avoidance of intimacy. As usual, based on personal frickin' experience.


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